Resourcing the movement for better taxes

Picture of crowd at protest, with bright pink hand-drawn sign that reads "End corporate welfare. Tax the rich!"
Woman in front of the US Capitol is holds up sign that reads"Stop Tax Scam Robbery"

Taxes touch nearly every aspect of American life,

from our homes and families and communities, to our work and our commerce, to our democracy and society itself.

Our current tax code too often favors the interests of a powerful and wealthy few at the expense of everyone else, deepening racial disparities and deliberately starving the public of the resources needed to invest properly in our communities.

Winning on taxes means funding childcare, high-quality education, accessible healthcare, well-maintained infrastructure, and solutions to fight climate change.

Better Taxes for a Better America funder table exists to seize the opportunity over the next three years to help dramatically alter the landscape of tax policy in the United States, the consequences of which will be felt for generations.

The Opportunity

Across the political spectrum, the public overwhelmingly supports such reform, but to leverage this enthusiasm and effect meaningful change, we need more resources, more power, and the right politics to make tax reform a central and winning issue.

By enacting tax reforms like a billionaire minimum income tax and a permanent child tax credit, we can revamp the tax code to genuinely benefit all Americans.

Even though tax reform is necessary to achieve nearly every policy priority we care about, this sector is underfunded and under-resourced. The funder table is helping to forge a movement committed to the long-term goal of reshaping the tax system and creating a more just and equitable society for everyone. 

Crowd at Tax March in DC. A sign reads "I've Never Felt More Taxed or Less Represented."
Dome of United States Capitol Building against a blue sky with small pink clouds down at the horizon.

Why a Funder Table for Better Taxes?

Better Taxes for a Better America is raising new resources while simultaneously fostering collaboration and alignment among the many stakeholders in the tax policy space. 

Engaging diverse advocates, foundations, individual funders, and policy experts, we are a center of gravity for this movement, advancing meaningful tax reform at both state and federal levels. The funder table drives resource allocation, ensuring that campaigns and the structures needed to provide support receive the funding required for success.

We promote more awareness of how these smart tax policies strengthen democracy. To do this, we need to effectively resource state-based, grassroots, and demographic-specific groups; and build infrastructure at the national level to bring more diverse voices in the national tax fights. That’s where the funder table’s catalytic role comes in.

Image credits top to bottom: Steve Rhodes, Daniel Arauz, Susan Melkisethian, Ted Eytan