What We Do

We are raising millions to pass better tax policy by resourcing organizing, communications, and advocacy.

Strategic Coordination & Deployment of Funder Resources

Better Taxes for a Better America is a hub for funders, including individual donors, institutional philanthropies, and labor, to maximize and scale impact by pooling and strategically deploying resources. We facilitate  meetings and briefing for funder table members, educate members on emergent issues and opportunities, and recommend organizations to members for aligned investments.

Diagram of how the funder table sits at the center of a "web" of services such as donor coordination, strategic support, pooled funding, aligned funding, direct advocacy, and funder table initatives
what we offer

The funder table offers greater efficiency in deployment of investments for donors and critical strategic support. The centralized staffing means unique fieldwide analysis and vetting, and a nerve center for the latest knowledge, innovation, and opportunity.

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Image credit: Steve Rhodes